Our Team

Ulises Zapien

Ulises Zapién is the founder of Zapien Media & Digital Advertising Strategist who specializes in working with businesses to grow their sales and increase lead generation. Providing digital marketing solutions, social media hyper targeting advertising campaigns.

Ulises believes in the power of branding and social media marketing as the best way to getting you or your business more leads and/or customers.

Garrett Gaudet

Garrett Gaudet is Zapien Media’s Digital Marketing Strategist, creating dynamic content with a passion for design. Current clients include: St. Marys Lincolns, Bullying & EDM Weekly; executing organic growth with captivating content created for social media platforms, implementing innovative strategies and generating digital marketing plans for business/brands.


Garrett believes the identity of a business has the power to influence the buying decisions of consumers. Showcasing your products/services, expertise and your story are keys to success.

Our Clients